CU-31 and CU-32 High Input SPL High Transient Response Compact Condenser Mics

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CU-55 Great All Purpose Premium Quality Cardioid Mic

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CU-51 The New ‘Desert Island’ Choice Dual-Capsule Cardioid Mic

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CO-100K Supersonic Wide-Range Omni-Directional Condenser Mic

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CUX-100K Super Wide Range 3-Mode Microphone Cardioid (Far) • Cardioid (Near) • Omni Modes

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CU-41 Crystal Clear, Open and Detailed Dual-Capsule Cardioid Mic

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CU-44X MK II Cardioid Mic for a Powerful, Clear and Consistently Uncolored Sound

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CMS-2 Crystal Clear M-S Stereo Recording for Orchestras, Ensembles and Live Performance

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CUW-180 Adjustable Stereo 0˚ to 180˚ Dual Cardioid Condenser Microphone

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