METAlliance Certifies Sanken Chromatic CO-100K Microphone

World’s First 100kHz Mic Designed for Hi-Res Recording

Nashville, TN, July, 2011 – Sanken Chromatic Microphones’ CO-100K microphone has been certified by the Music Engineering and Technology Alliance (METAlliance). The CO-100K super wide-range omni-directional microphone is the world’s first 100kHz microphone designed specifically for professional hi-resolution recording.

Sanken Chromatic CO-100K“The C100 is one of those rare microphones that instantly impressed me because it’s unlike anything else I’ve ever heard,” remarked METAlliance co-found Chuck Ainlay. “It’s neutrality is stunning as though there is nothing between the instrument and my ears.”

Applications include the recording of music with a wide dynamic range, especially acoustic instruments, as well as capturing a new world of detail in the recording of sound effects. It’s compact size and unobtrusive appearance also makes it ideal for orchestral and other live recording environments.

George Massenburg commented, “The CO-100K’s are my choice for the Decca tree and the surround array, for drum overheads and for live percussion, as well as for taking impulse and room acoustic measurements. They’re the only choice when flat, wide-range and uncolored is a priority.”

Designed by Sanken Microphones in conjunction with Japan’s NHK Science and Technical Research Laboratories, the CO-100K is the ultimate microphone for extended dynamic range and heightened response. Because of the way in which analog to digital converters operate, the CO-100K takes advantage of the heightened frequency response of the new hi-resolution digital audio formats. The absence of brick wall filters in the conversion process eliminates certain noticeable artifacts and anomalies commonly generated within the standard audio bandwidth.

“I love these microphones,” said Frank Filipetti. “It’s just exciting to think about putting the 100K’s in front of an orchestra.”

The benefits of working with a superb high-resolution omni-directional microphone are numerous. The CO-100K features very fast transients with an extremely smooth response curve, resulting in great clarity and unprecedented transparency. With the ability to capture sounds in the ultra-high frequency range, the microphone also produces very rich results in the low and mid-range of the audible frequency range.

Al Schmitt sums it up: “The Sanken 100K’s are just great mics. Period.”

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METAlliance Certifies CO-100K at AES 2011

Pictured at AES 2011 in NYC during the presentation of the Sanken CO-100K Certificate are (L-R) METAlliance founders Al Schmitt, George Massenburg, Elliot Scheiner, Frank Filapetti, the late Phil Ramone, Chuck Ainlay, and Sanken Gen. Mgr. Yasu Ogata. Photo by David Goggin.

METAlliance Certifed

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