Sanken Premieres New CUX-100K Ultra Wide Range Microphone

Unique Cardioid and Omni Mode Choices
Sanken CUX-100K Front & Rear

CUX-100K Super Wide Range 3-Mode Microphone Front & Rear – click for hi res version

Los Angeles, CA, July 2020 – Sanken Microphones has debuted the new CUX-100K Cardioid OR Omnidirectional super wide range professional microphone. The newest mic in the Sanken Chromatic line is based on the very popular omni-mode CO-100K, but with the ability to change modes with three settings: Cardioid (Far), Cardioid (Near) and Omni modes.

The unique design of the CUX-100K is ideal for a variety of high-resolution, high sample rate recordings, both in spacial or close miking applications. The mic follows the success of Sanken’s revolutionary CO-100K with top engineers and producers who embrace the concept of 100kHz high-resolution recording. Ideal for ensemble, solo, vocals and orchestral mic arrays, plus specialized uses such as Foley, location sound effect recording, and all types of acoustic instruments. The CUX-100K ushers in a new era of transparent precision recording.

In Omni mode, like the CO-100K, the CUX-100K precisely captures source, spacial and ambient sounds with articulation and clarity. With a stunning response up to 100kHz, the mic enables subtle nuances of the performance to enhance recordings with a clarity and depth not possible with standard microphones.

In Cardioid (Far) mode, the CUX-100K records a mix of moderate ambience and main performance sources with cardioid directivity, perfect for stereo and multichannel pairing.

In Cardioid (Near) mode, the CUX-100K can operate as a spotlight, solo, or vocal mic. To selectively reject some ambience the mic is optimized up to 50kHz, ideal for exceptional performance response.

Because of the way in which analog to digital converters operate, the CUX-100K takes advantage of the heightened frequency response of the new hi-resolution digital audio formats. As X-Y, ORTF, or Decca tree overheads, the CUX-100K excels in capturing the spatial reality of specialized acoustic spaces.

Designed by Sanken Microphones, the World’s Most Original Microphone Maker

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MSRP: $3,400.00