Firehouse 12 Picks Pair of Sanken Chromatic CO-100K Mics

Parsons Audio Named Premier New England Sanken Chromatic Dealer
Sanken Chromatic CO-100K - Click for High-Res Version

Sanken Chromatic CO-100K – Click for High-Res Version

New Haven, CT, June 2018 – The Studio at Firehouse 12, in New Haven CT, has purchased a pair of Sanken Chromatic CO-100K high-resolution microphones through Parsons Audio, a newly named Sanken dealership.

“We do a lot of acoustic music recording at Firehouse 12,” explains chief engineer Nick Lloyd. “Lots of jazz and classical music and we track everything at 96K. I was intrigued about the ultrasonic aspect of the Sankens. We are always looking for ways to differentiate what a client can get at our studio from something they might have at home or in a less well-equipped facility.”

With a 20Hz ~ 100kHz range, Sanken’s CO-100K omni-directional condenser microphone is the world’s first super wide-band microphone, designed specifically for professional high-resolution, high sample rate recording. The CO-100K is renowned in the professional recording industry for it’s transparency and accuracy.

“We have built our reputation at Firehouse 12 on the quality of our recordings of acoustic instruments,” Nick Lloyd continues. “Sanken mics are a great fit for us. We’ve used our CO-100K on brass, strings, piano, cymbals and anything else where we want to be sure we’re capturing the full spectrum of sound you’d hear in the room. With the Sankens, we know it’s all there.”

New England-based professional audio dealer Parsons Audio offers a wide variety of professional audio products, studio designs, and high-quality sound system installation. Parsons is a preferred audio company for Grammy award-winning engineers and producers as well as state-of-the-art venues including Carnegie Hall, Symphony Hall and New England Conservatory.

“We are beyond thrilled to become a dealer of Sanken Chromatic microphones,” commented Roger Talkov, Managing Partner. “These microphones have an extremely transparent and natural sound that doesn’t color or kill tone, even at extremely high or low frequencies. They are extremely impressive in their versatility and ability to accurately capture details at both close and far distances, on or off-axis, and on instruments with extremely wide frequency ranges such as piano, without coloring the tone in any perceivable way.”

Parsons Audio not only offers excellent service but is committed to educating future generations of audio engineers through their extensive work with colleges and universities, such as Berklee College of Music, MIT, Boston College, and many more.

“Sanken’s widespread use throughout recording studios and live concert venues is a testament to their quality,” adds Talkov. “There are few microphones on the market today that have these kinds of capabilities, which is why we enjoy introducing them to our customers.”

Firehouse 12 Nick Lloyd CO-100K

Pictured is Firehouse 12 owner and chief recording engineer Nick Lloyd with one of his Sanken Chromatic C-100K microphones – click for high res press images

Firehouse 12 Nick Lloyd CO-100K