Sanken Premieres New CUX-100K at Virtual 149th AES

Sanken will feature the CU-55, the CU-51 and new CUX-100K at the virtual AES from Oct 19th-24th 2020
Sanken CUX-100K Front & Rear
Sanken CUX-100K Front & Rear

Sanken’s CUX-100K Cardioid or Omnidirectional super wide range professional microphone – click image for hi res version

Los Angeles, CA, October 2020 – Sanken Microphones is introducing at AES the new CUX-100K Cardioid or Omnidirectional super wide range professional microphone. The newest mic in the Sanken Chromatic line is based on the very popular omni-mode CO-100K, but with the ability to change modes with three settings: Cardioid (Far), Cardioid (Near) and Omni modes.

The unique design of the CUX-100K is ideal for a variety of high-resolution, high sample rate recordings, both in spacial or close miking applications. The mic follows the success of Sanken’s revolutionary CO-100K with top engineers and producers who embrace the concept of 100kHz high-resolution recording. Ideal for ensemble, solo, vocals and orchestral mic arrays, plus specialized uses such as Foley, location sound effect recording, and all types of acoustic instruments. The CUX-100K ushers in a new era of transparent precision recording.

Because of the way in which analog to digital converters operate, the CUX-100K takes advantage of the heightened frequency response of the new hi-resolution digital audio formats. As X-Y, ORTF, or Decca tree overheads, the CUX-100K excels in capturing the spatial reality of specialized acoustic spaces.

MSRP: $3,400.00
Sanken Chromatic mics are distributed in North America by plus24.