Sanken Showcases CU-55 Cardioid Mic at Virtual 149th AES

Sanken will feature the CU-55, the CU-51 and new CUX-100K at the virtual AES from Oct 19th-24th 2020
Sanken CUX-100K Front & Rear
Sanken CUX-100K Front & Rear

Sanken’s CU-55 Cardioid Microphone – click image for hi res version

Los Angeles, CA, October 2020 — Sanken microphones, Japan’s first and most original microphone company, is showcasing at AES 2020 the CU-55 cardioid microphone. Featuring a modern, compact design, the CU-55 provides a rich vintage sound in a small, lightweight, easy to position package.

The CU-55 houses a side-firing 16mm capsule with a resonant chamber that has been tuned to create a perfect cardioid pattern, and is omnidirectional below 50 Hz. This new generation microphone is capable of being flat even at 90 degrees off axis. Ideal for acoustic instruments such as guitars, cello, harp and piano, the CU-55 can also handle the explosive levels of big brass and pounding drums.

Top Nashville producer/engineer Chuck Ainlay remarked, “Sanken’s CU-55 is right up there in quality with their entire family of top studio mics, and a very versatile tool. It’s very warm and natural, not hyped at all, and very musical. I’ve found lots of applications, from the high SPLs of a high-hat to the subtle nuances of acoustic guitar. It’s also really great as a compact side-address mic and easy to maneuver into tight spaces.”

MSRP: $1,195.00
Sanken Chromatic mics are distributed in North America by plus24.

Pictured at Sound Stage Studios in Nashville are (L-R) guitarist/music director Marc Copely and producer/engineer Chuck Ainlay, seen adjusting a Sanken CU-55 mic with a Sanken CO-100K mic in the rear.