Paul Cardall Records with Sanken 100K Mics by Five/Four Productions

Paul Cardall at Piano with Sanken 100K Mics for Five/Four Productions

Paul Cardall is seen at the New York Steinway grand piano with a matched pair of omni Sanken CO-100K microphones and in the studio three Sanken’s as the main LCR in a classical mic configuration: the L/R CUX-100K’s in the far cardioid setting and a CO-100K in the center, at Baldwin Wallace University. Photo by Robert Friedrich.

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Sanken CUX-100K Front & Rear

Sanken’s CO-100K super wide range professional microphone with included KS-100 Band Suspension. (click image for high-res version)

Paul Cardall at Baldwin Wallace University in Berea, Ohio, with Sanken 100K Mics

Beria, OH, July 2022 – Popular composer/pianist Paul Cardall recently recorded new work with Five/Four Productions® at Baldwin Wallace University in Berea, Ohio. Recording engineer Robert Friedrich helmed the project with Sanken CO-100K and CUX-100K microphones capable of the extremely high-resolution recording of Cardall, whose work has more than three billion streams and growing.

“In many ways, this is a tribute and continuation of the tradition of the 5/4 style of engineering that Michael Bishop and I developed with the new capability of Sanken mics,” Friedrich explained. “Michael had recorded 100K sessions at Oberlin, which I mastered. This time I used two CO-100K mics as close mics, complementing a Royer SF12. I also used three Sanken’s as the main LCR in a classical mic configuration. The L/R are the CUX-100’s in the far-cardioid setting and a CO-100K in the center. Paul’s performance was also captured with four 4K cameras and was discretely miked for Dolby Atmos.”

Paul Cardall is a hugely popular pianist known for his original compositions and arrangements of various hymns. His music is frequently categorized as Classical, Christian and New Age. Cardall has had several recordings debut at #1 on top Billboard charts. In addition to his recording career, Cardall founded Stone Angel Music in 1999, which produced a catalogue of recordings by other similar artists.

Robert Friedrich, president and co-founder of Five/Four Productions®, is part of the team of Grammy-winning producers and engineers that have made the company one of the most respected in the recording industry. “The more I use these Sanken 100K mics, the more I learn by experimenting with distance and placement. We are really enjoying what depth and nuances we have never heard before.”

Composer/pianist Paul Cardall commented on the Five/Four recording, “Ever since Steinway & Sons cultivated a relationship with me I’ve felt a responsibility to not only record my piano compositions with the best equipment, but to trust the wisdom and gifts of engineers like Robert Friedrich. It was a huge honor to work with Robert, particularly after losing our dear friends Michael Bishop and Thomas Moore from Five/Productions Productions. They are some of the finest human beings I’ve recorded with and their legacy will live on through the music.”

Sanken Chromatic CUX-100K Front & Rear

Sanken Chromatic CUX-100K Supersonic Wide-Range 3-Mode Condenser Mic

Baldwin Wallace University in Berea, Ohio, has an enrollment of 3,000 undergraduate students and is known for its education, business, neuroscience, and music programs. BW is home to the Baldwin Wallace Conservatory of Music, which holds the title for the oldest collegiate Bach Festival in the nation. The college’s radio station WBWC is known throughout the Cleveland area.

Five/Four Productions, located in Barboursville, Virginia, was founded by Michael Bishop, Robert Friedrich, and Thomas Moore in 2009. With decades of record industry experience and a cadre of top high-res recording tools, the Five/Four team quickly became known for the quality and precision of their work. For over 20 years, Friedrich, a life-long musician with extensive musical training, has worked with some of the most talented and innovative artists in classical, jazz and a variety of other musical genres. His work has been recognized industry-wide with three Grammy® Awards and numerous nominations.